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Today is the ninth day of the ninth month in a Nine year (2+0+1+6 = 9) . This is so super important! 9 is the number of completion. Finishing of the things. When you see repeated 9s it should be a signal to pay attention to the things that you’ve let sit incomplete. Now is the time for you to look back on the first 9 months of this year. Are you where you thought you would be? Are you manifesting your goals and dreams? What needs to happen so you can complete this chapter?


2016Sept09Not only is today a day of triple nines, but we’re halfway through Mercury Retrograde. Which means our time of reflection is over. One of my favourite things about Merc Retro is that it brings to light things that we’ve suppressed or ignored because we didn’t want to deal with it. We’re being asked now to complete the things that have been brought to our attention so that we can finally release that energy and move forward. It’s a good time to declutter, to release, to finish up any lingering things. Time to tie up those loose ends guys.

So I come to you today to share with you a way to release cords and energetic ties. Any time we interact with people we form an energetic cord with that person or event. The more we interact with the person the thicker and stronger the cord becomes. Not all cords are detrimental, some, like those between a parent and child, nourish both parties. It is only when the attachment is not mutually beneficial that you may wish to release the energy. So that you know, I do not subscribe to the idea of cord cutting. I believe that when you CUT an energetic cord you are leaving behind a sort of stump where the cord can be reattached in the future. You also make a port of energy leakage. I prefer to shrink and release cords.

Let me describe how.

I like to do my meditations laying down, however, choose whatever position you feel the most comfortable in. After relaxing and doing some deep breathing for a minute or so, I visualize my body. I look at it and notice what colours I’ve imagined it to be today, I see where energy is pooling and then I look for energy ties. In my experience most ties connect at the Solar Plexus. This is the centre of our emotions and self esteem. As someone who works a lot with colours I take time to notice the colours of the cords. If they are dull or angry colours those are the cords I wish to take the time with. Once I’ve decided to work with a cord I focus solely on that cord. I notice it’s colour, the feelings I get when I look at it, I try to discern where it leads and whether I actually am ready to remove it. Sometimes I’m not. and that’s OK. I will usually in that case try to shrink it a few times before I ultimately dissolve it.

So, what do I do? I look at the cord and I try to make the colour a bright and vibrant version of itself. (so if it was a dull muddy red colour I would want it to be a bright cherry red.) basically this is cleaning up the energy before sending it on its way. Next I send the energy back to its source. I visualize the cord getting thinner and thinner as the energy travels in both directions. Accepting my part in the energy exchange and returning the energy of the other person/situation to its source. Finally the cord is so thin that you can simply pull it off your energy field in the same manner you might a loose hair stuck to your clothing.

Once that is done I will send a prayer for peace and well-being to the person/event that I have removed myself from. Then I will decide if I will work with another cord. I repeat this often and virtually every night before I go to bed I practice a version of this routine. I call my energy back to me and release other people’s energy back to them with a prayer for love and harmony.

This technique is quite useful. Remember this should be a gentle process, not a ripping or cutting process. When you rip out a cord, especially when angry, you leave an energetic hole, a leak if you will, that causes you to become ill at ease and can cause sickness as well.  Try to think of it as releasing with love.

I wish for you a very blessed day.



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