"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well."


Well you guys know that August is ending. It isn’t a surprise. Summer is over and the back to school scurry is on. We’ve made the decision, my daughter an I, to return to public school this year. Everyone is doing a last minute scramble to get organized and my American friends are already back in school.  Some of us are also getting prepared to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox. Before I get into that let me tell you all about the exciting things that have been going on in the world of me.

So the biggest news of all is that we are signing a lease on Thursday! I’m so excited that I will now have a physical location where I can offer classes and you can come for sessions! I am putting together some promotional offers and we will have a grand opening once  we are completely set up. Our final day at the Guelph Market is on Wednesday. Once we’re finished there I will be focusing on setting up our new place and creating more classes and programs to offer, in person and on-line.

Another thing that I am hoping to accomplish is more regular postings here on the page. Once school starts I am going to be  trying to post at least once a week. I’d super love to hear what you’re interested in! As you know I like to talk about everything energy from Reiki to crystals to aromatherapy. I’m planning to transcribe some of the videos I did in the spring about my favourite crystals and the sets I created that deal with certain physical and emotional ailments. Oh and also once school begins I will resume live streaming on Periscope. I’m super thrilled about it. Like I said I’m always looking for topics to talk about (related to healing and vibrational medicine).

Wheel of the year

Now, let’s talk about the Autumnal Equinox. Also known as Mabon on the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Time on this day is equal. The day and the night are the same length, following this the days will get shorter and the nights longer, but for this day we are in perfect balance. Mabon is the second of the three harvests. Where Lammas was the first, and we began to see all that we have been creating in the first half of the year. Mabon is the second. Now we are reaping the fruits of our labours. We are assessing our plans and evaluating our decisions. This is the time to pull up and discard those plans we had made that died before bearing fruit, either because of neglect, or perhaps we changed our focus and placed our energy on a different plan. For this next phase it’s time to focus all of our energy towards the final harvest, pluck the dead fruit, pull up the plans we allowed to die, and get ready to spend our energy on the plants that are thriving so we have a great final harvest.

In the beginning of the year we often think we know what we want to do, we want all these things, and then as we begin pursuing the things, often our focus shifts. Maybe we saw something we liked better, maybe we decided to follow a thread in a different direction from the one we had intended to follow. Maybe we somehow got entranced with the beauty of a completely new thought and abandoned the original plan to pursue something else.

Are you looking around and wondering what the heck happened to all of your plans that you laid in the spring?  Maybe something momentous has happened and your whole life changed before your eyes. Maybe as the day of the equinox approaches you feel like you’re on a precarious edge and balancing very carefully, wondering which way to turn..

It is all good. And guess what. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be right now. Everything is always working out for us and when you look back on this moment you’re going to see that the Universe is conspiring to help you in every way.

I’m coming up to fall in a completely different place than I expected to be. My business, my health, and even my daughter’s schooling are different than what I expected them to be right now. I am now looking around and getting rid of things that are keeping me in this spot, I’m untangling my branches, pulling the weeds out of my hair and I am reaching up for the new, fresh fruit that I’ve been growing.

I’m so excited, aren’t you?

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