"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well."


Usui Reiki Level One - $85.00 Online $135.00 In Person

This program enables the interested party to become attuned to the First Degree of The Usui Method of Reiki

The materials include a First Degree Usui Reiki manual in PDF format, a Professional Ethics PDF, A bonus Chakra PDF, a short comprehension quiz (sent via email), your First-Degree Reiki Attunement, your Reiki Certificate of Completion.

Usui Reiki Level Two - $120.00 Online $165.00 In Person

This program enables the interested party to become attuned to the Second Degree of The Usui Method of Reiki **Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Level One**

Usui Reiki Level Three (Master Level) –$225.00

Our Master Level courses will be available soon, please check back or contact us at (519) 573-5164

Crystal Reiki Master Teacher $275 (Pay all at once and save $25)

The Crystal Reiki Program includes all three levels of two Crystal Reiki Lineages.

Crystal Reiki is a form of energy healing, similar to Traditional Usui Reiki, however instead of channeling Universal Life Force Energy you are attuned to crystalline energy and are then able to use that energy to affect healing on the subtle and etheric energy body of your client. 

Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher $150.00 Online Only

The goal of Kundalini Reiki is to raise the energy from the bottom of the spinal column to the crown chakra. By opening and stimulating the major chakra energy centers, I can channel Reiki healing energy to you by focusing my intention and connecting to Source energy. The energy is omniscient and goes where it is needed.

Celtic Reiki Master Teacher $85.00 Online Only

Celtic Reiki is a beautiful style of Reiki which uses vibrations from the Earth and certain types of trees and plants to create energies ideal for healing.

With this program, you become attuned to all three levels of the Celtic Reiki system of energy healing.

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I am a Nurse-DC, a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Certified Crystal Therapist, and a Sacred Stone Grids Practitioner. I specialize in chronic pain and stress relief. I use crystals, reiki, aromatherapy and massage to help people live well with chronic pain. I sell crystals, custom healing jewellery, and Himalayan Salt Products. I also teach about Reiki and crystals, online and in person.

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